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Used Book Policy

In 1996, to better serve our customers, we added a separate room of used books for your browsing pleasure. Mass-market paperbacks are 50% of the original cover price. Trade paperbacks and hard covers are all individually priced.

Clean Out Your Used Books

If you’re tired of the books piling up at home you can toss ‘em in a box and bring ‘em down to the store. We accept drop offs during normal store hours. You can just donate them or you can get store “credit” toward more used books only. We do NOT pay cash.

Here's How It Works:

We accept clean, unmarked books that are in very good re-sellable shape. They must have their covers and be completely intact.  Books should be in the kind of shape you would be willing to buy.

You can expect 25% of the cover price for mass-market paperbacks in good shape. Trade paperbacks and hard covers are more subjective so we look on-line to check on the going rate. Condition and availability is very important.

We record your “credit”. When you buy more used books your “credit” will pay for up to half of your purchase and then you pay the other half in cash (or check or plastic). It is not an even trade - we still have to pay the electricity, etc. Use your credit until its gone or you bring in more books. There is no time limit.

Because of space constraints we are getting pickier about we will accept. The series romances like Harlequins and Silhouttes, etc. will not receive credit and will be sold during the summer for 10¢ with the money being donated to charity. Old textbooks and encyclopedia sets and Reader’s Digest Condensed books are put out in the “Free” box outside. You will not receive credit for dated books like almanacs, travel guides, price guides, etc.


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